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Austin Day – Founder/Contributor

BIG sports guy here. Hours and hours of watching SportsCenter reruns and offbeat competitions like billiards and dog racing on ESPN2 led Austin to NYU for Sports Management. Competitive from birth (probably from being the younger brother) Austin always wanted to be prepared when entering any sports-related argument because, well, he wanted to win. After years of arguing in silence while reading other sports-related articles, Austin wanted to start the Sports Opinion Journal to bring a quick-hitting platform explaining his takes on the current sports-world, allowing readers to take the information and create their own opinions. Or maybe it’s because he is incredibly vain and likes to be heard. We aren’t sure yet.

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Devin Day – Chief Editor/Contributor

This guy can talk about sports all day long, but nobody was ever listening and he realized he was just talking to himself. After a while he decided to try his hand at the written word of sports media, that way even he didn’t have to listen to himself talk. Devin’s been a Florida State Seminole ever since his great-grandfather popped a Bobby Bowden straw hat on his head when he was 2 years old. He even graduated from FSU in 2014 (solid year, the post-natty Tallahassee street riots will never be forgotten). He’s also a pretty serious Chargers fan (bet you thought you’d never read that sentence, eh?). When he was a youngin’ he thought he’d be clever and pick a city that he’d like to live in one day, and thought, “hey, San Diego seems pretty badass!” And then they moved to LA. And now he’s just a confused Bolts fan. But hey, aren’t we all? He’s got an eagle eye and went to english class a few times, which is why he’s the editor and proofreader for SOJ.  All the articles run through this guy, so you can go ahead and just blame him for everything. Thanks for reading.

Jake Wilson (Big Country) – Contributor

From the sticks of Maine comes the one they call “Big Country”. The only things that make more of a presence than his physical stature are his opinions. Jake is a die-hard Boston sports fan and the definition of “funny”. He can be found roaming the East Village at 3 am or the Big Body Barn at 3 pm. His schedule is as predictable as the next starting QB for the Browns… Can we still say that? Anyways, follow his stories, as we are sure they will bring equal amounts punchline and insight to burning sports topics.

(Lil) Devin Unterreiner – Contributor

The ‘Lil’ Devin of the team. Born provocateur, Devin ran the gamut of high school sports. An aerospace engineer at the University of Central Florida (National champs!) by day, he is a fervent and opinionated soccer critic by night. As an avid Orlando city fan and lover of all sports, he hopes to bring some new opinions to the Journal with some new untouched sports as well.

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